Can you relate?

Are you scrambling last-minute for a gift or token of appreciation or feeling strapped for cash during those busy seasons of birthdays or holidays?

The Solution: Create a Gift Closet!

This will help you plan ahead. And it’s fun! You can bargain shop for the best deals and host parties for free products all year long! Keep reading for tips and a FREE printable to help you get organized for a year full of stress-free gift giving!

What is a Gift Closet?

A gift closet is a hiding place for little things you find at a great price that can be used for teacher gifts, kids birthdays, baby showers, new big brother or big sister gifts, and other gifts for friends and family.

How do you Create One?

Start with a large basket that cannot be seen through. Find a spot in a closet little eyes do not frequent, and put it up high, but not so high that you forget where it is or it is hard for you to reach.

What to Put in a Gift Closet?

Things you find on clearance – activities, accessories, etc. that you could see close friends or family really enjoying. Things you get for free that you don’t want to give all at once but want to eventually give to your loved ones.

Click HERE for a FREE printable Gift Guide you can use to ensure you have stocked your closet with all the right gifts!

Thank you to Rachael Harris for contributing to this!