Enjoy these FREE printables with your child! Perfect for something fun to do on a rainy day, car trip or at a restaurant! For my seasonal activity pack, go here.

Presidents’ Day

Usborne Books & More has lots of great books for kids of all ages to help them learn more about the U.S.A., American politics and governments, and our presidential history. Click here to learn more about them.

Share these fun activities with your child from our best-selling book, Americanly. Click here to download the coloring page and here for the crossword puzzle. The answers for the crossword puzzle may be found here.

Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

Here are some fun bookmarks I like to share ever year. Simply print them on cardstock, cut along the dotted line, punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon or some yarn and you have a fun bookmark to give either on its own or with a book! Click here to download.

Chess Openings

The first few moves in a chess game are extremely important. Can you see which move White should do to put Black in checkmate? Click here to download the Chess openings activity sheet. There are more brain-teasing puzzles, useful facts and clever tips that show how to play chess and improve your game in The Usborne Chess Book.

Monster Shapes

Turn these colorful shapes into little monsters! Click here to download the Monster shapes activity sheet. Find more activities to color in and doodle across the whole page in The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling, and Coloring.

That’s Not My Otter

Add some color to this happy otter playing in the river. You could also add some fish and other animals to the water! Click here to download the That’s Not My Otter coloring sheet.

That’s Not My Badger

Color in this friendly badger, and add pieces of material or any other bits and bobs you can find in the house to make its tail all fuzzy. Click here to download the That’s Not My Badger coloring sheet.

Garden wedding

It’s a lovely sunny day for a wedding! Color in the happy bride and groom and bridesmaids. Click here to download the coloring sheet below.

Buckingham Palace

Color in the mighty Buckingham Palace – the home of the Queen when she’s in London. Click here to download the coloring sheet below.

Design a Dress
Color in and design your own dress! Click here to download the coloring sheet below.

Swinging London

Color in the outfits to make these ladies the most stylish in London! Click here to download the coloring sheet below.

Visiting London
There are lots of things to do on a day out in London! Fill in this activity sheet for some ideas. Click here to download.